Soul Sisters Women's Program

The Soul Sisters Women’s Program provides numerous opportunities for the women in our community to come together, get to know one another, build relationships and improve their lives. 

Through our various events and classes, women gain needed knowledge about a multitude of issues in order to better navigate through life while building bonds with one another that will last a lifetime. Programming includes:


  • Lunch and Learn events with speakers from the local community speaking on important topics, including women’s health, tenant rights, domestic violence, guardianship etc
  • A bible study is held every week to encourage personal and communal spiritual growth. We are currently studying, “Women of the Torah”.
  • Movie days are held monthly with women gathering to watch a variety of movies on many different topics and in a variety of genres. Many of these films focus on women’s empowerment.
  • Craft days are planned throughout the year to get together, explore our creative sides and build relationships.
  • Family Fun Days/Picnics where women are invited to bring their families and enjoy great food, wonderful fellowship and fun with their families and one another.
  • Field trips are planned every month to allow the women to explore our wonderful city and experience a variety of new and interesting places. Field trips have included:


The Missouri Botanical Gardens

The Art Museum

The Missouri History Museum

Grant’s Farm

The St. Louis Zoo

The Butterfly House

Eckert’s Farm


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